About KYWG

December 2, 2007

The KARBI YOUNG WRITERS’ GUILD (KYWG) is an attempt to incite the minds of the young Karbis and not so young to take up their pens as a more powerful weapon to express themselves and assert their Karbi identity! The ‘KARBI STUDIES’ is the first fruit of the attempt which is out in the market 31st January 2008 just in time for the first ever DIPHU BOOK FAIR….. a really very thoughtful effort amidst the seemingly unending bursts of gunfires in the bloodied hills of the Karbis, the bleeding heart of Assam!
The KYWG is very young and has many things to learn, but it is not afraid to continue the journey…… because it knows, the difficult initial stage has to be crossed, and then there is light….please join the effort and contribute your write-ups and together we can contribute to a greater cause!

please write to karbi.writers@gmail.com for more details

sms us  at +91-9954080903 .. Morningkeey Phangcho ( Secretary & Editorial Board Member)